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News from the .end of story camp: 2/14

Pre-Production recordings, for the upcoming CD, continue. The band is pleased with the process of "dialing in" the songs, and are confident that the end result will be another stellar CD. The demos sound pretty darn good, and the band would like to share them with you. Here's the Reverbnation music player. You'll find the new demo recordings at the top of the list.

We hope you like what you hear. Check back often for more new demos, and news regarding the recording progress. Be sure to Like us on Facebook, and leave us a comment. We love to hear from you.



The band has been rehearsing in their new facility, The Skybox. It's a fantastic space, ideal for rehearsals, and recording. All the comforts of home.. ONLY LOUDER.
The current focus is on the new CD, and recording of pre-production demos is well underway. Here are the songs the guys have selected for the CD, in no particular order.

Give Some Back
Out Of My Hands
Fall Away
Into This
This Is Me
In The Wind

There's not a weak song in the bunch. It will be hard to decide which is your favorite.
Recording the CD will begin early next year and, with any luck, it will be available by Christmas 2014.

In other news: The band has started a YouTube channel, and have several music videos for you to check out. All the videos include the lyrics. There are a couple of rehearsal videos as well. Who knows what idiocy will turn up? Be sure to subscribe to the .end of story channel, and never miss NEW STUFF. Just click on the YouTube logo to visit, and subscribe.

Here are some videos to wet your appetite. Click the YouTube logo to see more.

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